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SISPL is led by professionals who bring on board comprehensive work and research experience having previously served as specialists in leading organizations. There is a strong commitment within the company towards research and enhancement of the outreach of the benefits of the powerful GIS technology at grassroots level especially in the developing countries like India. As such, the company has invested a major chunk of its resources towards Research and Development for optimum use of GIS technology.

SISPL provides comprehensive GIS & RS consulting and training services utilizing Geo-spatial information based on digital and analog remotely sensed imagery, Open data sources like Open Street Map(OSM) ISRO Bhuvan (NOEDA), and/or ground-based information.

SISPL provides practical training environments for the betterment of the participants and enable them to become more employable. We help organizations implement GIS applications as per their needs but in compliance with national standards (NNRMS, NRIS and NSDE etc.) and international standards (ISO, OGC-GML) and others.

We believe that Geographical Information System will help people make better and faster decisions in their daily activities. The data that is provided by GIS can be gathered and organized in order to support the generation of spatial information products that are integrated into the business strategy of any organization. Also GIS is a beginning in itself – a beginning where there are better decisions, faster and effective actions, cost-competitive workflows and much more.

SISPL is a highly customer-centric organization, our team have set a goal for themselves to develop the best and most optimal solutions for each client – ones that can impresses them , be it a small mapping activity, a geodatabase designing and organizing activity.

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